Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mac Doctor - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 116

I sent a text to my squad leader this morning letting him know I'll be an intern for the navy today. Well, I would be an intern for the navy if the government wasn't shut down. The N6 shop where I work with the navy said they will call us or send a message as soon as they hear something about us coming in. To me that means I'll just be on call waiting to hear from them…ready to come in at a moments notice, but most importantly I will not be playing army man and making the drive to Ft. Lewis today.

I actually do have some work to do. I'm a certified Macintosh Technician and my wife's work actually needed me to come in and take a look at a couple of their machines. I headed in with my laptop and my tool bag, it was nice to hang out with my wife for a bit this morning. I worked on the computer that was down and had it up and running fairly quickly. I would have only charged them the friends and family rate, but my wife and her boss said to make sure I charged the full "consultant" rate. So I actually made some pretty good money today doing what I actually like to do…work on computers. Something the army has really dropped the ball on.

I made my way back home and did schoolwork. My squad leader called me later on asking what I had going on tomorrow. I let him know I had an appointment at 0900, he says "OK" and hangs up. I think I may have just lucked out because I think he was looking for someone to do something.

When my wife came home, we headed to the YMCA and had a good workout. I've been focusing on cardio for the most part. I guess when I turned 40, my metabolism decided to slow way down. I don't think I can just eat whatever I want these days. I need to burn off some calories and the quickest way to do it is probably some cardio. Later on I'll probably start getting some strength training in, but for now I'll be sticking to the elliptical machine. It doesn't give me the impact and hurt my neck that running does and it seems to be the best for my knee as well.

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