Monday, October 21, 2013

The Social Worker - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day135

Morning formation was in winter PTs finally…yes you heard that right, now that the weather has been getting cold they finally used some common sense and have everyone in full winter PTs. The winter PT uniform is basically the summer PT uniform (shorts and t-shirt), but with the pants, jacket, hat, and gloves added to it. After the formation was over, I headed into the building, continued to walk through the building and out the other side. I then headed to my car to hang out. It's a little easier to get away with just leaving the formation if I head into the building first, then I'm not seen just walking toward the parking lot towards my car. I really didn't feel like doing the army PT this morning. Their PT is pretty much worthless and it is pretty cold as well.

While hanging out in my car, I ate my breakfast and listened to the radio. I had a 0830 appointment with the bravo company social worker, but on my way there I swung by my NCM and picked up my appointment slip. The appointment with the social worker is a required appointment for everyone in the WTB every 90 days. The social worker wants to make sure the soldier is still in a good state of mind. I told her the only thing that stresses me out is when I have to drive to Ft. Lewis and deal with army folks. The social worker wanted a little more details and I just let her know that basically the longer I'm away, the more "civilianized" I'm becoming. I hate the formations and everything that just doesn't make sense. She asks if I will miss anything about the army when I get out…I let her know that there is absolutely nothing I'll be missing! I really can't wait to get out!!

I then went back to my car and left to go home. When I arrived at the house I took the opportunity to do a lot of schoolwork. When my wife came home, she was too tired to go and workout at the YMCA tonight…so we just hung out together for the night taking it easy.

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