Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up (Columbus Day 4-Day) - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Days 125 - 128

This weekend was a 4 day weekend and was pretty laid back the entire time. I suppose I could have gone in and done my internship with the navy on Friday, but since it was a four day for the soldiers at Ft. Lewis I figured I would just take it easy and take Friday off as well. So Friday I just slept in, did schoolwork, ran some errands, and cleaned up the house. We ended up seeing a high school football game in the evening. My wife's nephew was playing for a local school and it was their homecoming game. It turned out to be a lot of fun, the game, the band, the cheerleaders, and the students brought back a lot of memories from when I was in high school…fun times.

Saturday we ended up just bumming around the entire day. I did do some schoolwork, but that was pretty much the only thing I was able to get accomplished for the day. One of my wife's friends came over and we had some wine and visited with each other all night.

Sunday we headed up to my in-laws house to watch the Seahawks play which is always a fun time. We then headed off to a barbecue at my wife's cousin's house. My wife's grandpa had been visiting from Guam and was now going to head back home. One thing the island folks from Guam know how to do is barbecue and party! Lots of food, singing, and photos before we all said goodbye to grandpa, then we headed home.

Monday was another very laid back day. I slept in, then did schoolwork. Once I finished my schoolwork, I cleaned up a little around the house and then just vegetated in front of the TV until my wife got home. We then headed off to the YMCA where I had a good cardio workout. The long weekend was great…I was able to just relax and recharge.

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