Thursday, August 1, 2013

Town Hall - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 54

This morning we had our formation at Evergreen Theatre on Ft. Lewis at 0845. We had the monthly town hall meeting that the battalion is required to attend. The town hall event included some awards, upcoming events, the vet center, and habitat for humanity. I sat through it drinking my coffee and waiting patiently. It would be interesting volunteering with the habitat for humanity program, but I wouldn't want to do it as part of the army.

After the town hall, I headed to the SFAC to check my email and found out AKO was down. So I headed to the PX and played some games on my iPhone until it was time to eat. I headed into the PX food court and had a little Chinese food. I then headed to the library where I settled in and did my schoolwork until evening formation.

At our evening formation we were told there was battalion PT tomorrow. There were a number of events that each company would be competing in. After I arrived at my house, I checked my personal email and found out that my household goods will be delivered on Tuesday, that is the earliest available date for delivery. I will keep that day clear on my calendar.

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