Thursday, August 15, 2013

ACAP All Day Part II - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 68

This morning everyone came to formation in ACUs. We stood in formation and waited…and waited…and waited some more. Finally our first sergeant came and we did our accountability. Everyone else would get into trouble for being late to a formation, but when you're the first sergeant those rules don't apply. It also inflates their head and their big egos when everyone has to wait on them.

Everyone was in ACUs because we had to do a PMI (Primary Maintenance Inspection). This inspection consisted only of showing our dog tags (ID Tags) and our ID card. We all headed up to the bravo company headquarters and stood in alphabetical order. Luckily those of us with 0830 appointments and earlier were able to move to the front of the line. I headed to the front and showed both items, was marked off the list and then I left.

I headed to north Ft. Lewis where I parked and ate breakfast in my car. Day 2 of our all day ACAP class had us start checking out some various web sites. We then went over the resume, breaking it down into sections. We went over the header, the objective, and the experience sections. We discussed "Wordsmithing" which is basically tweaking statements and phrases to sound a lot better. We went over action statements, basically in the experience section of a resume, the user should use an action statement instead of just listing their job description. This will leave a better impact on the person reading the resume.

We then had to pair up with others and give a 30 second "commercial" about ourselves. This was basically practicing for the interview process when the hiring manager asks you "tell me a little about yourself". We rotated through about 5 different people doing this process. After that we were dismissed for lunch. I headed to my usual spot…my car and the radio.

When we arrived back from lunch we did a lot more resume talk, going over the education portion and any other miscellaneous items. I had the instructor take a look at my resume and got some valuable feedback. We were dismissed a little after 1630.

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