Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PEBLO and the NARSUM - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 73

This morning we had our PT formation at the gym. Right after the formation, I just headed to my car instead of to the gym. I then took a nap, if the army is going to waste my time with stuff like staff duty…I'll find ways to get it back. I headed to a 0900 appointment with my nurse case manager. I waited in the lobby until 0945. During that time I called her twice, but she never came out. We can get in some major trouble if we miss appointments, but I guess the opposite isn't true. The last message I left let my nurse case manager know that I was leaving for another appointment I had with my PEBLO.

I headed to meet up with my PEBLO. She said my NARSUM (Narrative Summary) has been completed and is ready for me to look over. I can choose to have legal go over it as well, but I have to return in 5 business days in order to sign it. So I take off and look it over in my car. The NARSUM is basically a summary of all my issues with the reports from my visits to the VA doctors as well as a history of all my medications that I've been taking. All my issues are pretty straight forward. My neck has degenerative disk disease, I get frequent headaches, my knee is in constant pain, I've had hearing loss, and I have persistent tinnitus (ringing in my ears).

I head to the SFAC to check my army email. While in there my nurse case manager gives me a call and asks if I can meet with her now. I say sure and head up there since she's located in the same building as the SFAC. We go over how I'm doing…pretty much the same. I ask her to put in a request to refill my muscle relaxers and my intermediate pain medication (tramadol). Once I finished up with her, I headed home for the day and did my schoolwork.

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