Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Kindle for All - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 82

 A photo showing a Kindle similar to the ones we received

This morning's formation was at 0830, and for those of us getting Kindles we came in civilian clothes. Since it was raining I waited under cover until the last few minutes, then got in formation with everyone else. Once everyone was in formation the first sergeant said "OK let's move this inside". Why they didn't do that in the first place I'm not sure, just wanted to make sure everyone got wet first before we headed in I guess.

Our first sergeant then went on and on about the required place of duty today for single soldiers and geographical bachelors. I guess there was an event going on, but I wasn't really listening because it didn't pertain to me. The first sergeant then started to go on about required training and then goes on to threaten everyone's upcoming four day weekend. I'm so tired of negative reinforcement, it seems that using the stick instead of the carrot is the only way NCOs know how to manage. I'm just tired of it, I can't wait to get out…have I mentioned that lately?

We are then released and I head to the SFAC along with everyone else that is in civilian clothes. The people bringing the Kindles are running late, so I just have a seat and play around on my iPhone. What did we do to pass the time before smartphones? When they finally do arrive, everyone crowds around them…I just stay seated and wait. Finally they have everyone line up by company and we are handed back the paperwork we filled out yesterday. We find out that Amazon wanted to give away the Kindles specifically to wounded warriors, but that equals a lot of paperwork to make sure and verify the Kindles are going to the right people. I fill out yet another form in addition to yesterdays paperwork and then stand in line for about a half hour until I finally turn in the paperwork and receive the Kindle. I have to say again that it is a very awesome gesture by Amazon!

I head home and do my schoolwork. I get a text a little later saying there is a required formation for a safety brief at 1300. In my head I say "fuck that!", but I calmly reply back saying I'm at home doing schoolwork per my MOU (there is no way I'm going to drive an hour back just to hear a common sense safety brief…I think I'm old enough to know right from wrong). I get a reply back saying "roger". Good…I didn't want to blow a gasket! I stay home and finish my schoolwork, then relax…the four day weekend has started!

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