Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Therapeutic Stretching - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 74

A photo I took on Ft. Lewis of Mt. Rainier. 
Always a pretty amazing site on clear days

This morning we formed up for PT in our summer PTs with the jacket. Once accountability was done were were broken up by platoon to do a police call around the WTB complex. Yes…today's PT was picking up other people's trash around the complex. I walked down our platoon's assigned side and back, threw away what little trash I did find, then headed to my car where I ate breakfast and took a short nap while listening to the radio.

I then headed to the SFAC to check my army email. I also brought in my two awards that I have paperwork for so the HR guy could add them to my ERB. Now I show two Army Achievement Medals. I was never in a hurry to get anything put on, because I really didn't care. When I first in-processed the HR guy talked me into getting everything updated. It's just too bad I still have not received my joint award that I was promised when in Korea or my PCS award when I left Germany. I have come to realize that if you don't get the award before you leave, then nobody really cares or follows up with it to make sure it gets done. Oh well.

I then used the SFAC computers to file my damages claim from our household goods move. We had a few glasses that broke, my Bose wireless surround sound speakers, and an external hard drive stopped working. I've never filed a claim before, so I'm not sure how long the process takes or even how much of a pain it is.

I then headed to the gym parking lot to meet up with an NCO from the maintenance side of our ComSec office back in Germany. He asked if I could have his butterfly knife shipped with my household goods. He was afraid to put it in his suitcase and ended up leaving to Ft. Lewis before me. No problem…I gave him his knife and we chatted a bit before he took off. I then headed to the library to do schoolwork until lunch time.

I had lunch in the SFAC and then headed to a Therapeutic Stretching appointment that I was required to attend. There was a group of us and the instructor just went over a bunch of stretches we can do on our own. It was pretty basic stuff and as soon as she was done, I packed up and headed home for the day.

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