Thursday, August 8, 2013

Change of Command Practice - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 61

 A photo I found on the internet to show the parade field where 
we had the Change of Command ceremony practice.

I got up this morning and got ready as usual. I headed out to my car, but when I looked at my phone I saw a text from my squad leader stating our morning formation this morning wasn't until 0830. I went back to bed and laid down for a while before getting up once again and heading in. We had to practice for a change of command that is tomorrow and my MOU doesn't get me out of this kind of stuff or any appointments.

In formation everyone that was participating in the change of command was told to move to the back of the formation, then our first sergeant went through and inspected all the remaining folk's profiles to make sure they couldn't participate. She was even checking people that had walkers! Our first sergeant then went through our ranks checking everyone's beret. I got a new unit crest, this means no more unicorns on my uniform…lol. We were then dismissed and told to head to the parade field.

Once on the parade field we went through the practice over and over again. Folks with canes were moved to the back of the formation, I made sure I was somewhere in the middle and unnoticeable. The practice went on and on until a little after noon. It started to get hot and by the end I had a headache in full bloom.

Once we were dismissed, I headed home and did schoolwork. Once finished with the schoolwork, I did more unpacking…we still got a lot to do!

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