Monday, August 26, 2013

NarSum Sign & Deliver - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 79

This morning I headed to formation in ACUs, I had an appointment at 0730 with my PEBLO. Once formation was over I headed to the car, ate my breakfast, then headed to my appointment. The appointment with my PEBLO was to officially sign the NARSUM (Narrative Summary) and get it sent off. Once everything was signed, she told me the average time to find out my ratings is 4 months. I know I can't hold her to that, but it kind of gives me a timeline to figure out when I'll finally be getting out. Once the ratings come in, then I will have 90 days before I get out.

I then headed to the transition office and signed all the paperwork for an internship. While in the WTB, they really push for you to either attend school or do an internship. Well I'm doing both! I picked an I.T. internship that is with the navy and pretty close to my home. So not only will I be able to get my hands wet again in the I.T. world, I'll make some new contacts, and I'll keep myself busy. If all goes according to plan, I'll start in a couple weeks.

I then headed to my NCM appointment where I put in requests to get my pain medication and muscle relaxers refilled. I then headed to optometry to make an appointment. Normally they will not let normal folks make an appointment in person, but I have to because I'm with the WTB. My wife somehow managed to lose my glasses, plus it's been a year since my last eye appointment…so it's come up on my MedPros as due…perfect timing.

I headed home for the day, did my schoolwork and then did the normal cleaning and organizing.

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