Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where is My Crap? - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 52

This morning we had formation at Keeler Gym. I showed up in ACUs because I had an Occupational Therapy appointment at 0730. This was the first time I had gone to Keeler gym, it's a good thing I gave myself plenty of time because the main road leading to the gym is under construction. I had to follow detour signs all around until I finally found the place.

After formation I headed to my Occupational Therapy appointment which was in the WTB complex. This appointment was just to get the paperwork started for my MOU. This will allow me to keep taking college classes (and hopefully be able to miss evening formations from now on). It will also allow me to work in an internship. I'm looking at a systems technician job in my hometown of Bremerton working at the naval shipyard. How ironic would it be if the first time I actually do an I.T. job while in the army ends up actually working with the navy? Anyways that process only took about 15 minutes. I just had to fill out some paperwork and then chat with the worker for a bit. She will now take all my paperwork to get it signed by the powers that be.

I then headed straight to the transportation office. When I checked online to see where my household goods shipment from Germany was, all it stated was the required delivery date is July 29th. That was yesterday and I haven't heard a thing yet. When I arrived at transportation, they just gave me a customer service number to call. When I called all the guy could tell me was that my household goods were still in transit. No estimated time or anything. All he said was "we've had a lot of shipments running late". I asked him what happens when a shipment doesn't arrive by the "required delivery date"? There was a long pause, then he just repeated "we've had a lot of shipments running late". I guess "required delivery date" doesn't really mean that much when it's the government.

The whole transportation issue put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. We've been living in an empty house for a while now. All we have is a mattress, a coffee maker, and some outside furniture. We eat dinner at my in-laws every night because we have nothing to make food with. Of course it's nice to see the in-laws and we buy groceries for them, but it would be nice to be independent soon. I then read online about a bunch of different people's horror stories with their household goods…that didn't help with my bad mood.

I went out to my car and took a nap, then headed to the library and did schoolwork. I made my way back to the SFAC to eat my lunch, then back to the library for more schoolwork. I had a lot of work due this week. It would be nice if I could actually do the schoolwork at home during the day. The library isn't the optimal place to accomplish this. Every time I need to use the bathroom, I have to pack up all my stuff and take it with me. I can't trust leaving my laptop unattended. It also seems that there is an abnormal amount of kids that are in the library at certain times, which can make concentrating difficult. At least it does have free WiFi and tables where I can actually do my studying. I'll take it for now.

I headed to the end of day formation at 1600 where nothing was put out and we were dismissed.

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