Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ACAP & In-Processing - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 32

My drive home back into Bremerton...a big navy town. 
Always a pretty amazing site to see these huge aircraft carriers

This morning I headed to morning formation in ACUs and after formation my name was called along with a few others. At first I thought "oh great…another pee test". It turns out that it wasn't for a pee test, but was just to inform me that I would be moving to Bravo company next week. I had actually started to wonder about this because I had heard that people were only in HHC company for a month before being transferred. This is already day 32.

I headed back to my car and ate breakfast, then headed to an ACAP (Army Career and Alumni Program) appointment. ACAP is the process every soldier has to go through before they get out of the army now. It is mainly to provide the soldier with all the resources he needs before separating from the army. This meeting was just to register me for all the required classes that I need to finish in order to complete the program.

The squad leader that talked to me this morning then gave me a call. He asked me to come to his office and bring all my in-processing paperwork. I headed up there and showed him what I had so far. He has been the only squad leader working for the last couple weeks because the others have been on leave. So he was tasked with getting my packet ready to transfer to Bravo company. I wish I would have had this squad leader the entire time because he was extremely helpful. He had a list of notes for every place that a new soldier needs to do for each in-processing station. All the ones I had remaining were ones that I wasn't sure where to go and I was waiting for my squad leader to come back. I took his notes and then headed off to finish my in-processing.

The first place was the security office and even with the extra help and instructions, I still spent quite a while trying to find their actual office. The building number is not marked and when I finally asked someone for help, they brought me into another building that is connected via several hallways to the building I was looking for. I finished in-processing there and one other place before taking my lunch break in the SFAC.

The rest of the day was spent running around trying to finish up my in-processing. I was able to get almost everything done. I did make it to every place, but some of the folks where out of the office. I'll try them again tomorrow. If I would have had these helpful instructions when I started, I would have finished up a long time ago.

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