Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Transfer - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 38

The lobby for the WTB company offices. This is where I hung out 
each time I needed to meet with someone from the company.
Also where we hang out for all the pee tests.

I headed to morning formation in ACUs once again. I actually thought I was going to get transferred to Bravo company first thing in the morning, but found out it will happen at 1300. I then proceeded to head back to my car to eat the breakfast I packed. After breakfast is of course my morning nap…how I can sleep right after drinking coffee is beyond me, but I do just fine.

After my nap I headed to the MRI clinic and scheduled an appointment to scan my brain. You have to schedule appointments in person in order to fill out a brief medical history form. I was able to schedule one for this Thursday…surprisingly a pretty quick turn-around.

Next stop was the library. I hung out there surfing the web and instant messaging my wife while enjoying the air conditioning. I headed to the SFAC to have lunch and then headed upstairs to the HHC headquarters looking for my squad leader. He was nowhere to be found. I just hung out in the lobby figuring he would come by at some point. He did indeed come by a half hour later…no matter I was in no rush anyway.

My squad leader then grabbed my paperwork from his desk and took me to Bravo company. He then handed me over to their HR department. I answered a few questions and was told I'd be in 1st platoon, 3rd squad and my new squad leader's name. Once finished with HR she took me to meet my new squad leader. He seems like a decent enough guy. I guess time will tell if he is any better than my last one. I then had to fill out an initial counseling statement, which went through the policies of Bravo company. (Mainly your basic common sense type stuff). I then was taken to meet my new NCM (nurse case manager). I should now keep this one throughout the rest of my time here at the WTB. The NCM is basically my central point of contact for everything and I have to meet with her weekly. This was basically a short hello because she didn't have enough time to actually in-process me and give me a proper greeting. So we rescheduled that for tomorrow.

I then checked with my squad leader and he said I was good to go and could leave for the day…so I promptly left and headed home.

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