Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1st Full Day in Bravo - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 39

I headed to morning formation in summer PTs…for the first time in a while. It's still a bit chilly in the morning to be wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt…everyone including me was a bit cold standing there in formation. After accountability those that could run headed off on a run. Since we are a WTB everyone here is broken in some way or another, so there were only about 5 people out of the whole company that could do the run. The rest of us walked about 5 laps around the WTB complex and then called it a day.

I headed to the gym to change and then had breakfast in my car. The WTB does not want people just sitting in their rooms doing nothing, so you are basically pushed hard to either do an internship with a federal agency or go to school. I am already going to school, so I have to get all the paperwork together stating that this is what I'm doing and get it signed off. This involves a visit to the occupational therapist, while there I will also check into internships as well. It turns out there is an I.T. internship available at PSNS (the local shipyard near my house in Bremerton). I met with the HR folks at a little job fair they were having in the SFAC and inquired about it a bit. It would be nice to not make the long drive to Ft. Lewis which includes a bridge toll every day. I'll be looking into that as soon as I can see the occupational therapist.

I headed to the Bravo HR office and finished up the last of the paperwork we started yesterday. I had to digitally sign a few things, then headed off to do the actual in-processing with my new NCM. We chatted for almost an hour discussing everything from my treatment so far, medications, and appointments. She seems really easy going, I don't think I'll have any issues with her at all.

Back downstairs at the SFAC, I had lunch and then headed to the library to finish out the day. I started my new class "Human Resources" of all things. One of the required classes for my degree unfortunately.

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