Friday, July 26, 2013

Physical Therapy - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 48

I headed to morning formation in my PT uniform, but did not actually participate in PT because I had a 0800 appointment. I headed back to my car and ate breakfast while listening to the radio. I then headed to the hospital's physical therapy department. I am finally getting my knee looked at, it has always taken a back seat to my headaches.

The physical therapists asked a bunch of questions, then had me lay down while they stretched and moved my leg all around. After consulting each other for a while they came back with a plan. They believe because of the degeneration in my knee, the bones are getting too close to each other because my muscles are so tight. They are starting me on a twice a day stretching routine and suggested that I start taking glucosamine to help with my joints. We went over each of the stretches and they gave me a handout. I'll be doing them each morning and night.

I had Subway for lunch and then went to the library to do schoolwork. I ended up getting a text from my squad leader at a little after 1300 stating there will be no end of day formation today…so I headed home for the weekend early!

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