Friday, July 12, 2013

Turn in Packet - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 34

I headed to the morning formation in ACUs as usual. After we all fell out, we formed up in little groups with each of our squad leaders. Our current replacement squad leader then chose me and one other person and told us to meet him at his desk at 0900 for a cleaning detail. Damn! I need to start making sure I have appointments in the morning. One thing I've really grown to hate since joining the army is cleaning up after other people…especially higher ranking people. I guess it just makes me feel like a servant. People should clean up after themselves…period.

So I headed to my car and ate breakfast as usual. Unfortunately I found out I forgot my phone, so there would be no way to pass the time by checking Facebook, twitter, the news, and games all day long. A smart phone is awesome for all those times you find yourself doing the army thing "Hurry Up and Wait".

I headed into the SFAC and checked my army email, then finished out one more required training that I was told to do. The training was literally just signing up for it and hitting next until completed, then you can print our a certificate. I was done in 3.5 seconds….lol.

I then headed to the alternate squad leader and gave him the training certificate so he could complete my transfer packet. Then I was off to see the replacement squad leader for the detail. As luck would have it, they didn't need me anymore…whatever needed to be done was already finished. That was good, because I was already pissed off in my head about being selected for the stupid detail.

I then headed to my favorite hangout so far…the library. The rest of my very exciting day was spent in the library with my laptop except for a minor break for lunch when I headed to the SFAC to heat up my leftovers. After that it was back to the library to hang out some more.

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