Wednesday, July 3, 2013

VA Claim - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 25

A view from the parking lot on the far side of the WTB
 with Madigan hospital in the background. When the battalion forms up, 
it's in front of this portion of the WTB. This also shows the proximity of
the WTB and the hospital.

Headed to the morning formation in ACUs as usual. In addition to the accountability check and the morning salute, we were given the 4-day safety brief from our first sergeant…the normal stuff (don't drink and drive, don't blow yourself up with fireworks, etc). I ate breakfast in my car and then headed to an appointment I had at 0730. I wasn't sure what exactly the appointment was for, but knew I had to bring my bank information and my dependent information. When I arrived I found out this appointment was for the VA claims process. I was officially having my VA claim filled out and submitted. The guy working with me took down all my information such as basic information like the date I joined, more personal information such as my dependent's birthdays and social security numbers, and then some financial information such as my bank's routing number and my account number. I couldn't remember the date I was married to my ex-wife, or even the date our divorce was final. I guess I did a brain dump and tried to erase anything I could from that failed marriage. This gave me some "homework" as I had to take that particular piece of paperwork home and get that information put on it. Finally we went over my actual claims. All the briefs I've been to so far have stressed to put down everything no matter what. So I officially claimed my neck injury, my headaches, my loss of hearing/constant ringing in ears, my knee injury, and finally a shoulder injury I had in Korea during PT.

When we finished the worker said he noticed that I didn't have any behavioral health issues to list. I guess most guys coming through the WTB have mental health issues. I'm sure I could come up with a few if I wanted, but I think I'm a pretty normal guy with no mental issues. So the paperwork was finished and I took my "homework" and headed off.

I made my way to the recycle station on post, mainly to check it out…but also to drop off some of the cardboard that was left when the movers dropped off our unaccompanied baggage. We still have quite a few boxes left, but I wanted to do a little recon before loading up my car with a ton of cardboard.

My next stop was the library parking lot where I promptly took a nap in my car. After my nap I headed into the library and hung out for a while. Most people in the WTB have rooms in the barracks and I think they probably just hang out in their rooms all day. I live an hour away (by choice), so the air conditioned library is my hangout now!

I headed to my car for lunch and then back to the library until our mandatory 1300 battalion formation. We formed up outside the WTB complex and this is the first time I've seen the whole battalion. The WTB battalion consists of my current company (HHC) along with A, B, & C company…there are a lot of broken people here (of course)! We then got to hear another safety brief for the 4-day weekend from the battalion commander, because just one safety brief isn't enough.

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