Friday, July 5, 2013

Neurology & Chipotle - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 37

Headed to morning formation in ACUs and then had breakfast in my car as usual. At 0900 I had a neurology appointment. I arrived and after filling out some paperwork, I hung out in the lobby until 0930 when I was finally called back. The appointment consisted mainly of bringing the neurologist up to speed with my history. He did a few tests and took down a lot of notes. He then left and came back with another neurologist and after asking me some more questions, they came up with a plan of action. I'm going to keep taking the nightly medication I'm currently taking, but up the dosage after two weeks. I'm also going to get an MRI of my head to rule some things out. Both of them think (as do I) that all the pain I've been having in my head are caused by the damaged area in my neck (degenerative disks). They have some plans to work on the headaches from that angle, and after talking with them I feel optimistic for the first time in a long time. I have started to think that I'll be living in a lot of pain for the rest of my life. I then started looking into what pain medications might do the trick and ease this pain, but if the doctors can eliminate the source of the pain that would be even better!

I then left and headed to the city of Kent, which is a Seattle suburb and also happens to be where my wife is working at the moment. The drive is about a half hour and we met for lunch. I then went in and met all her co-workers. I hung out there until about 1400 before heading back to Ft. Lewis. Once back I hung out in my car until about 1530, then headed to where our evening formation is located. I waited and waited, but nobody showed up. Evidently they either cancelled it, or changed the time. Either way my squad leader didn't bother to text or call me. I just left and headed home…what a waste of time.

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