Friday, July 19, 2013

QTC - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 41

This morning for PT we gathered around in a circle with an NCO in the middle. The NCO basically just went around the circle asking people for exercises to do. We did push-ups, crunches, air squats and the like for a reasonably short time. Because everyone here is on profile it was just a given that if you can't do the current exercise, just do an alternate that you can do. We then walked around the WTB complex a few times and called it a day.

I headed straight to my car and took a much needed nap, then ate breakfast while listening to the radio while still in my car. Once finished I headed to the SFAC to do my morning army email check, then headed to the gym and changed into my civilian clothes. After that I headed to the library and proceeded to study. Now that I'm finally enrolled in a class I can pass the time constructively at least.

I headed to the SFAC for lunch and then printed off my LES, 30 days of bank transactions, and the 3 credit reports available from These were all needed for an upcoming ACAP class I have next week. I then headed to one of my QTC appointments located off post. The clinic was in Tacoma, actually on my way home to Bremerton. I arrived pretty early and spent some time on my laptop in my car in the parking lot. I had forgot how many interesting people there are in Tacoma…definitely not a place I would want to live…or work in the future. Finally I headed into my appointment. The QTC appointment is done for the VA by an independent doctor so they can get results from both the army doctors as well as civilian doctors to make their decision.

The appointment went over all of my claims except my hearing loss claim. The doctor measured my range of motion in my neck, knee, and left shoulder. They took X-rays of my left shoulder and knee. He also did some neurological tests on me, such as reaching my arms out and touching my nose with my eyes closed. Then came the strange part…I had to drop my pants and have the infamous "cough" test where he grabs my balls and tells me to cough. It got even worse after that…he had to "check my oil". The doctor had me lay sideways on the table and then proceeded to lube up his finger and stick it up my butt! Not a fun experience I have to say. I went in because I had headaches and the doctor sticks his finger up my butt…not exactly how I planned the visit to go. He gave me some paper towels to clean up all the lube and stepped out for a moment to give me a little privacy. Like he didn't just violate any privacy I had! I wiped it all up and tossed the used paper towels in the garbage. He came back in and went over a few more things before I was let go. I left feeling like I just took a huge dump…and felt that way for a couple hours. Hopefully he found everything he needed. I headed home and relaxed…hoping never to relive that experience for a long long while.

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