Monday, April 2, 2012

Sensing Session w/ IG - (Germany) Day 98

This morning for PT we had a pretty good workout. We ran a half-mile loop and then stopped to do 25 push-ups, then ran around the loop again to do 25 sit-ups. We did this process twice ending up running 2 miles and a total of 50 push-ups and sit-ups. I got a pretty good sweat going.

This morning I was back in the office from my 2 week break in the mailroom. Soon after arriving in the office me and SPC Dub (a specialist in our office) were told we had to go to another sensing session. Sometimes it seems that I get so many other non-work tasks that I will never actually learn my job here. The sensing session involved the IG (Inspector General) from the states. The person representing them was a SFC female and the entire group was E-4 and below. A sensing session is basically a time when everyone bitches about what is bothering them. I don't know if this actually changes anything or what they do with the information, but it is supposed to be anonymous and everyone is asked to be free with what they say. Everyone had a lot to say and the meeting went all the way until lunch time. Most of it was people bitching about their NCOs or the lack of communication. A lot of people had some valid complaints, I mentioned as many others did that I would just like to be able to do the job I signed up for. When everyone was asked how our moral was personally on a scale of 1-10, most answered with a 8's, 9's and 10's. In stark contrast when people were asked to do the same but rate their moral at work the numbers dropped drastically with ranges from 1-5.

I then ate lunch in the food court with my sack lunch. I like to get out of the office for lunch, because if I stay at a desk and eat I will no doubt be interrupted to do something stupid like make some copies or shred some paper. When I get away from the office I can actually enjoy my entire lunch.

The rest of the day consisted of taking SPC Dub to the shopping center, driving my boss's car (since my wife had our car and my boss couldn't take him). He is going to the promotion board tomorrow and needed some items from MCSS (Military Clothing Store). He also has had his license suspended due to too many tickets here in Germany…hence the need for a ride.

After that trip the day was pretty much done. When we got back I learned how to prepare some of the paperwork needed around the office for the beginning of the month, then we cleaned up and left.

Once home I took the battery out of my motorcycle and brought it up to charge. Since it had been in storage for so long and I haven't ridden in, the battery went completely dead. I'd like to start the process of getting my motorcycle license here in Germany (which is a process). The first step is to make sure my bike will run :)

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