Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost No News - (Germany) Day 107

This morning's PT was spin class. After we formed up for accountability, those of us participating in PT headed to the gym and attended the spin class. I say those of us that are participating because it seems like everyday half the people fall out after formation for some reason or another. I'm just stating this because I'm jealous I guess, maybe I need to start making some early morning appointments. The spin class was a good workout. The instructor played all the music I like (Metallica, Motley Crue, Nickleback, Green Day, and even Twisted Sister…LOL).

The day was very uneventful. It was one of those days where I didn't have a computer, so I just sat around at a desk and read a magazine. Once lunch came I headed over to the food court and ate, then headed back to the office. In the office I was asked if I knew anything about this upcoming FTX I have to attend. I was expecting my superiors to tell me something, but they didn't know anything. They had me go over to S3 and see what I could find out.

I headed over to S3 and after waiting around a bit, a sergeant tried to give me a hand. The problem is that this exercise is a brigade exercise and there has been absolutely no information passed down yet. So they told me I would have to have my wife drive me there and to pack whatever I think I needed. When I asked for an address to put in my GPS, they said look up Grafenwoehr in your GPS…then when you get there look for signs…wonderful.

When I got back to the office my boss of course found this unacceptable and after speaking to his boss they decided they would take our TMP and drive me up there this Sunday. After sitting around and trying to occupy my time, I had a chance to jump on a computer and check my email. I did finally receive some more info about the exercise and it had some good news…no combat gear and I don't have to report until this Monday by noon. That makes me feel a little better, but I'm still not happy about leaving for a month and sleeping in a big barracks room again.

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  1. You are going far to the East. I'd guess some 400 plus clicks or miles; I don't remember which. I went there with our whole unit to qualify our tanks. It's a huge place with schools like one for mechanics. You really can't miss it but if you do you'll be in another country. Micks Dad