Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Day 486-487

I love shopping for beer out in's like a Disneyland for beer lovers!

This weekend we drove up to Ramstein to visit with our niece who happened to come down from England with her high school's soccer team to play. We watched the game, then took her out to eat and watch a movie. After that we hung out with her at the PX until the rest of her team arrived for dinner. It was fun hanging out with her, it's not too often that we get to see family while being so far away from home.

Sunday we did the usual cleaning and laundry. We also gathered together everything that we're going to ship in what's called "unaccompanied baggage". This used to be the part of your household goods that were delivered via air that you shipped before you PCS. This way they would arrive earlier than the rest of your household goods, so stuff you need earlier can be packed. There are some exceptions and the weight limit is much lower. We've been told they are not shipping via air anymore, but we could still make a shipment much earlier than our normal household goods in order for it to arrive earlier. So this shipment is scheduled on May 2nd, I'll be on leave…but I didn't have anything planned except lounging around. We gathered up the stuff we wanted them to ship and placed it all in our dining room.

I have two more days until I'm off on leave. I've taken 20 days of leave and will have the first few to just relax before my mom and aunt come to visit. I can't wait!

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