Friday, April 19, 2013

New Staff Duty - (Germany) Day 478

This morning for PT we formed up at Campbell gym in civilian clothes. The normal folks did some step aerobic training while those of us on profile hit the gym. I did a good cardio workout on the stationary bike.

I headed into my office and got busy doing schoolwork, studying for my Apple re-certification, and then checked my email and such. I then met up with SPC Mac and we headed to a local car detailer. I booked an appointment to get my car cleaned and detailed before I ship it back to the states. The process for shipping your car back is pretty strict and requires the car to be absolutely spotless inside and out. If there is anything wrong with it, they will deny it and make you come back at a later date. This particular detailer has done a few other folks cars that have recently PCS'd back to the states and there were no issues, so I figure it's worth paying someone to do a job that is guaranteed to pass inspection.

I headed to lunch at home, then headed to the USO office to purchase some tickets for an upcoming trip we plan on taking. They have a lot of trips selling out, so we wanted to make sure to get them as soon as possible. I then headed back to my office, where I cleaned up a little, surfed the web and played on my phone until 1630. I have staff duty tonight, but it's with the new format. With all the reductions in staff, they have finally changed the way staff duty is done. Now we have to show up at 1630 and still do the janitorial work for the S1 and S3 offices…which is still total BS. Why they can't clean up after themselves like every other office I have no idea. Another thing that kind of bothered me was that there were two soldiers there late that had to do extra duty. They had to work until 2200 for this extra duty…so why don't they just assume the staff duty shift as part of that? There was an NCO and a specialist. The NCO of course only has to supervise for his extra duty, which is also total BS. I found out that they both got an article 15. The specialist was a sergeant, but got demoted because he was watching porn on his workstation during work. What is even worse is that this guy works in an open office and his back is towards everyone else…talk about a moron. The NCO (a sergeant) had his wife call the MPs on him stating he was physical with her. He said they only got into a heated verbal altercation, but in the army if there is any mention of domestic violence, the husband will be the one to pay.

Anyway I took out all the garbage, and then I have to wait until the battalion commander leaves. Unfortunately I guess because it is a Friday, he didn't leave until 1830…so I sat there twiddling my thumbs until then. Once he left the NCO on duty with me locks up the building and takes the on call cell phone home with him. I go home as well and keep my phone nearby because I'm on call as well. I can't leave the immediate area and I cannot drink alcohol, but it's still much better than staying there the entire night and feeling like a zombie the next day.

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