Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Regular Monday - (Germany) Day 488

Just a random photo of me in rapeseed field. 
There are large fields of this all around the Heidelberg area.

This morning for PT we showed up at Campbell gym. Those of us on profile were in our summer PT uniform and headed to the gym, while the normal folks came in ACUs and their assault packs. They headed off post for a ruck march. I grabbed a stationary bike and got a decent cardio workout in.

I headed into my office and did the usual…schoolwork, check email, surf the web. SPC Mac came over and visited for a while, I think he just needed to get away from the ComSec office for a bit. He said all anyone does in there is watch videos on YouTube all day long. With the base closing and the ComSec office not issuing keys anymore, there is absolutely nothing to do. I headed over to Subway to make sure the order for tomorrow's bible study was put in. I then headed to lunch at home.

Once back in my office the chaplain called me down to his office to go over what's left of my time here…basically today and tomorrow before I go on leave. He thanked me for everything I've been doing to help him out and then surprisingly took a plaque he had made for me out of his desk. It's a pretty cool plaque thanking me for my help along with the picture of Heidelberg engraved on it. Even though I've never had any plans on being a chaplain's assistant when I joined the army, the job kind of saved my sanity. When all the crap came down on me for writing this blog and I was kicked out of the ComSec office, I hated life during my short stay in S-1. Having to deal with the CSM on a daily basis sucked and they had nothing for me to actually do while I was in S-1. So moving to help out the chaplain got me away from the CSM and gave me my own office with a computer. Even though I've never been too busy with actual army work, I've had the chance to do my schoolwork and at least surf the web on my computer to pass the time.

I thanked the chaplain a lot for the gift and let him know how much I appreciated being moved over. I found out later from my boss that the ComSec office couldn't have me back as they wanted because the chaplain had been praising me so much to the command…so they never moved me back and let him keep me for the remainder of my time

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