Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cyber Warrior - (Germany) Day 484

This morning for PT we formed up at Patton gym in summer PTs, with the winter jacket for some reason…it's actually getting quite warm out, so we don't really need it. Everyone just came in hand carrying their jacket LOL. Anyway there weren't that many of us because of "regimental week". This morning a number of folks left at 0330 in the morning to head to Stuttgart for a 12 mile ruck march. Those of us left for PT just did our own thing in the gym. I did a cardio workout on the stationary bike and chatted with SPC Mac the entire time.

I headed to my office and did schoolwork for most of the morning. I did end up getting a call from my WTU rep here. I had emailed her a couple of times asking about some information about what I need to do when I get to Ft. Lewis. I haven't been given a sponsor or any information at all. I looked up what I could on the web and found out where I need to in-process at. I also plan to have friends or family pick us up at the airport, but if I didn't have that option I'd be out of luck. My WTU rep said she would find out the information and let me know tomorrow. Right before I was about to leave for lunch I got an email stating that I had to attend a meeting at 1400…great.

I had lunch at home and then headed back to work where I basically just passed the time until 1400. I headed over to the battalion conference room where we had another VTC lined up. This one was similar to the one yesterday with all the various components of the brigade from all over Europe, but there were also a few from the states as well…most notably from the signal headquarters at Ft. Gordon. I found out that the meeting was for E-7s and higher, but as usual our battalion made everyone come and attend so they could fill up all the seats for the camera. They even made the poor guys who left at 0330 this morning for the 12 mile ruck march attend (their eyes were half closed and their heads were like bobble head dolls the entire time). Even folks that had building cleanup were required to come in…all for appearances.

The VTC was all about the new MOS for cyber warriors. They explained all about it and what the big plan is for this MOS. Do I believe there is a cyber threat to the US? Yes I do. Do I think the army will be able to do much about it… They should leave the defending of America's cyber infrastructure to the civilian experts. There is not much a soldier that is given 14 weeks in AIT is going to be able to do. I think the best they'll do is be the local cyber cops and keep an eye on the local network. They make the MOS sound all cool and everything, but I'm sure it will end up just like 25B…a bunch of people will sign up for it and more than half of them will not even end up doing that job…they'll end up driving a truck or something. I think the army should just get rid of AIT all together. Most of the soldiers don't do the job they signed up for, they get all their training "on the job". AIT is a waste of time and money. They cram all kinds of information down everyone's throat, then send them off. Most don't remember much and most don't get a real education out of it. I remember SGT Mex telling me that he is not even going to apply for any I.T. jobs in the civilian world because he doesn't feel like he learned anything useful in the army (I.T. related). They even required SPC Mac and his boss to come to this cyber warrior VTC and both of them aren't even in signal…they have nothing to do with computers. Both of them said that everything the people were speaking was like Greek to them! Sometimes the army can be so frustrating…I just had to keep reminding myself as the meeting went on and on…I only have 3 more days after today and then I'm on leave!

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