Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NBC Turn-in - (Germany) Day 476

This morning for PT we formed up at Patton gym in our summer PTs with the winter jacket. The winter jacket was just in case it was a little cold out this morning, the normal folks did various sprints outside, while those of us on profile hit the gym. I had a mediocre workout on the stationary bike. I think I took a muscle relaxer too late last night and was dragging this morning. It was also very hot on the second level where the bikes are located…I just couldn't get going.

I met up with SPC Mac and two other soldiers from the ComSec office this morning outside the ComSec office. SPC Mac and I planned on turning in our NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical - the stuff we wear in the gas chamber) gear today. The other guys ended up having things they needed to take care of in Landstuhl, so they wanted to tag along in the TMP since we were heading that way. Technically we could have turned in the NBC gear when we out-process, but I figured we might as well take a day to do it just to get it out of the way. It gave us something to do for the day and we also would have the opportunity to eat lunch at Ramstein Air Base.

We headed out at 0900 and drove to the company headquarters in Landstuhl. When we arrived the supply sergeant took our NBC gear. We then headed over to the hospital area and waited while one of the other soldiers had his taxes done. After that we headed to Ramstein and had lunch, then headed to another small post to check on training supplies for the other soldier. When all was said and done, we arrived back at the ComSec office at almost 1500. A good way to pass the time and have pretty much another day over.

I headed to my office, checked email, did my schoolwork and a little studying for the Apple re-certification exam. The chaplain was back, so we got caught up with each other and went over the upcoming schedule. Then before I knew it, the day was over.

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