Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Day 479 - 480

You can definitely tell which door leads to the men's restroom at this restaurant!

The weekend started off with me having to wake up, shower, shave, put on my uniform and head into the S1 office. I had to be there at 0900 for the staff duty change over. Why the junior enlisted has to go I have no idea, because all I did was show up stand there for 5 minutes, then told I could go home. The NCO has to sign his paperwork and hand over the on call cell phone. This new process is much better than the previous 24 hour shift, but this morning getting ready for a whole five minutes of standing in an office was a little stupid.

We headed out to Ikea to grab a few things, that place is always extremely busy every Saturday! We then headed out with SPC Mac and his wife downtown. We ate at a nice restaurant and in typical German restaurant style, we ended up just sitting there for hours. In Germany and I believe a lot of other European restaurants, the staff is in no hurry to get you in and out like the typical American restaurant is. Eating out and spending quality time with the company you're with is the experience, and they don't want you to feel rushed.

Being out of what I call "the American bubble" and seeing other cultures has been a great experience. If it wasn't for my family back home, I would definitely try to find a way to stay in Europe as a civilian. I think the laid back island culture is the only other place that I would want to stay. Watching the news and seeing America from the outside gives you an entirely different perspective of the world.

We spent our Sunday as we usually do…cleaning, laundry and lounging about…not much to write about there except I did take the OS portion of my Apple re-certification exam and passed…so I will continue to be a Macintosh Certified Technician for another year. Now if only I could actually do some I.T. work...

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