Monday, April 1, 2013

Leave Submitted - (Germany) Day 460

This morning we formed up for PT at Campbell gym in civilian clothes. The normal folks went for a run off post and those of us on profile stayed in and worked out in the gym. I rode the bicycle and had a good cardio workout.

I headed into my office and the first thing I started working on was my leave request for next month. My mom and aunt are coming to visit before I leave Germany. This is exactly one month before I would like to take leave, so I wanted to get it done right away. The big problem here in Germany with our unit is how long it always takes for leaves and passes to get approved. We are told all the time to get out and see Europe while we are here, but it's a real pain in the ass to get all the paperwork done and approved. We can't turn it in too early and we can't turn it in too late. We also are told not to buy or plan anything until the pass or leave is approved, which can take weeks. It's a mess! Anyway, I filled out the many pieces of paperwork and forms that are needed and then emailed them all to my boss.

I spent a little time with the chaplain going over this week's plans and by the time we finished it was time for lunch. I headed home to eat and relax. Once back in my office I checked my email, then headed over to the ComSec office to follow-up with my leave request. I checked in with my boss who then sent the request forward to our CAM (his boss). She sent it back to him telling him to sign one of the documents that he forgot to sign. He signs it digitally and sends it back. This whole time I'm walking back and forth making sure it's all getting done. Finally our CAM looks it over and then sends it all to our platoon sergeant. The platoon sergeant happened to see me and casually tells me that my pass for this upcoming weekend has been approved. So I have finally received verbal confirmation that my pass has been approved from our platoon sergeant. This is almost an entire month after I submitted it and only a few days before it actually starts. The trip we are going on actually sold out, but I did already purchase tickets hoping that the pass would go through. If I were to follow the instructions put out by our company, I would have missed out on this trip. I just hope my leave request doesn't take so long, which is the main reason I came over to follow-up with it and make sure it gets pushed through our office at least.

I spent the rest of the day working on schoolwork and surfing the web. Not a whole lot of exciting stuff, but I did get my main goal accomplished today with the leave submittal.

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