Tuesday, April 16, 2013

School Time - (Germany) Day 475

This morning for PT we formed up at Patton gym in our summer PT uniform. The normal folks did circuit training and normally during the stretching portion they let everyone on profile fall out and do their own thing. They didn't say anything and I wasn't going to hurt myself doing some crazy circuit training, so I just left on my own and headed to the gym. I did have a good strength workout using the weight machines. No NCOs said anything, so I guess I'm OK.

I headed into my office this morning and quickly realized that the chaplain is not returning until tomorrow, so I'm flying solo again…but in reality that's how it is most days, I'm just not checking in with him…or anyone really. I spent the morning doing schoolwork and also studying for the OS portion of my Apple re-certification. I am grateful that I do have all this time for studying, otherwise I'd be spending all my time after work at home doing it. So this really gives me more time to spend with my wife at home each night.

I headed home for lunch as usual, then headed back to my office. I then submitted everything for housing at Ft. Lewis, hopefully I'll hear from them soon. The rest of the day was spent surfing the web or playing games on my iPhone. Not a bunch to report…other than I'm getting a lot of studying done.

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