Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Colonoscopy - (Germany) Day 482

This morning I didn't have PT, instead I had to drive the chaplain to the hospital for his colonoscopy appointment. We left at 0630 and once we arrived and checked him in, I headed to the USO in the hospital and made use of their free WiFi. I brought my laptop and had my schoolwork all ready to go, so I spent a while taking care of that and then doing some general web surfing. I was still a bit tired though, and ended up just heading back to the TMP and taking a nap.

The chaplain's procedure and recovery finished up at about noon. The nurse gave me a call and I headed in to meet up with him. We headed to the DFAC where he treated me to lunch. I just grabbed a quick sandwich and a drink, then we sat down and chatted for a bit over lunch. I'm pretty sure he was still a little out of it because he was a bit slow and kept asking me the same questions over and over. He wasn't as bad as "David at the Dentist", but it was still pretty funny.

After lunch we headed home and the entire trip he was talking the entire time, I wonder how much of it he'll remember. I dropped him off at his house where he was supposed to rest. I then returned the TMP after filling it up and had my wife pick me up. I headed home from there, it was a bit after 1400. There wasn't anything for me to do at the office and I got up pretty early today, so I just hung out at home for the rest of the day…and even took another nap.

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