Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting Records - (Germany) Day 469

A drink by Nestea that we found by accident while on one of our road trips. 
This stuff is awesome!!! Unfortunately they do not sell it in the U.S. :(

This morning for PT we had PT at Campbell gym in civilian clothes. We all found out that tomorrow we have to be in formation at 0430 for an exercise…not so great news. Those not on profile headed for a run off post, while those of us on profile headed into the gym. I rode the stationary bike for some cardio and had a decent workout.

I headed into my office and checked my email, then did schoolwork until about 1100 when I headed out for lunch at home. After lunch I headed to the post office and then to the hospital to pick up my medical records. This is one of the steps that need to be done before you can clear. With this post closing they are getting ready to move all the records to Landstuhl, so it's a good idea to get them before. When I went in to receive them, the room was full of boxes and folders everywhere. They are right in the middle of preparing for the upcoming move. I was able to get mine after a few minutes of them searching to find it. Why they still keep physical records when everything is recorded into the computer system I have no idea.

I headed to my office and checked my email, surfed the web, and passed the time. Right before I was about to leave at 1400 I received an email from our CAM. I received my leave form signed and good to go. Wow! I figured this would be another thing I would be stressing over up until the last minute, but the command was able to turn it around rather quickly…I'm pleasantly surprised. Now when my mom and aunt come to visit, I can hang out with them and be their tour guide and chauffeur. I headed out and stopped by the ComSec office to pick up a copy of this month's staff duty roster…I have it on the 19th.

I then headed over to the shopping center and visited the TKS shop. This is the company that provides our internet, phone, and TV package. I checked in with them to see what I need to do in order to close out everything before I leave. No big deal, I just have to turn in the TV box and I'll be good to go. I then went over to my wife's office and hung out with her until she got off work and we headed home. I figured if they are going to make me come in at the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow, I'll get my time back somehow.

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