Thursday, April 18, 2013

Transportation Brief - (Germany) Day 477

You can tell it's getting warmer out...the ice cream truck is making the rounds. 
This is the view looking down from our living room window
 in stairwell housing on post

This morning PT was at Patton gym in our summer PTs. The normal folks did some circuit training and when they finished they split up and played a few games of volleyball. I headed into the gym and had a good workout with the weight machines. I would have loved to play volleyball with them, but one sudden jerk and I would end up in some bad pain for days, so it's just not worth it.

We were told during our PT formation that sergeant's time training was today in the ComSec office and had to do with ComSec procedures and such. What is funny is that because it's Thursday, they just have to come up with "something" for training. Never mind that the ComSec vault is actually closed now and they have no customers…let's just do the training anyway. I decided just to head to my office instead. The nice thing about working for the chaplain is that I can get away with not going unless they specifically tell me I need to be there. They didn't tell me and I didn't ask…so there is no way I was going to sit in an office and listen to a bunch of stuff that will never pertain to me again. Besides…I had schoolwork to do!

So I did my schoolwork and studied a little for my Apple re-certification, then headed over to the shopping center food court to meet my wife for lunch. I stopped by the USO first and checked to see if any interesting trips were coming, then met my wife for lunch. After lunch we both headed over to the in-processing/out-processing center and attended my transportation brief. The brief was about an hour and a half and went over everything we needed to do and expect when shipping our household goods and our car. I had to make some minor changes to my paperwork, but everything seems in order. Things are going to get a little crazy now. My mom and aunt are coming to visit and I'll be taking leave to be their tour guide. We have all our stuff to ship and I will also need to out-process. Trying to figure out when to schedule everything is going to be tricky. For instance it will be a lot easier having my car until the last minute possible in order to get everything done. Also once we ship the car, my wife will have to quit her job. Lots of decisions to be made!

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