Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm the Trainer? - (Germany) Day 279

This morning for PT everyone came in a somewhat different uniform. It was never put out officially what to wear, so people came in everything from full winter PTs to long sleeves and shorts. Of course since we have to all match, everyone had to downgrade appropriately until we all had the long sleeve and short uniform. Everyone did a "last man up" run around PHV. This is where a line of people run at a steady pace while the last person in line sprints up to the front. Once they reach the front, the next person that is now last in line will sprint up to the front and so on. I headed to the gym and rode the stationary bicycle for my cardio.

Work this morning was difficult as usual to go to, especially after pretending to be a civilian for a week! Luckily it seemed about half the people were gone at appointments or something, so I was able to get on a computer rather quickly. I put in all the paperwork for a Thanksgiving Day pass. We are going to try and head up to England once again and visit my wife's cousin. The amount of paperwork needed to go on pass is somewhat ridiculous. Whenever I start doing all this paperwork I get pissed off. After the leave form, I submitted a copy of my anti-terrorism certificate, my anti-terrorism plan, a trip plan which has me log into a special website to calculate the risk of my drive to and from the airport, a copy of my leave and earnings statement, a copy of my MedPros to show my current medical status, and a couple more that I forget. Needless to say it's ends up being a lot of crap, and it took me a big portion of the morning to accumulate it all and get it emailed.

I took lunch in my car listening to music, reading my book, then taking a nap. As usual it was awesome. I don't know why I'm always tired, but the afternoon nap always hits the spot! After lunch I had to attend the makeup winter driving training given by one of our NCOs in the office. All people with TMP licenses are required to take this training in order to keep their license. It's just more useless army training that tries the limits of my patience. I mean give me a freaking break, do I need to hear how snow flakes are formed? Do I care? The basics of the class are take more time to get from place A to B when there are winter driving conditions and be prepared. It's all very common sense stuff. Sometimes I have to remember that all these classes I'm sure came up because of young soldiers that did something stupid at some point, so the army's fix is to require training for everyone. Sometimes I just wish that there should perhaps be some exemptions for people over 30 that have not been in any trouble, or have had any issues.

The rest of the day consisted of me showing one of our new guys how to do page checking, inventory, and some of the paperwork. It seems weird that I'm the guy teaching him…I feel like I'm still learning quite a bit, but I have now been there the 2nd longest after SPC JayZ since everyone else has PCS'd and left us. We received a shipment of stuff that we have to check every page to make sure there has been no tampering. We then have to inventory the new stuff. This includes adding it to the inventory and then placing it all in the safe. Once the safe is opened, we have to conduct an inventory of the safe as well. I showed him how all of that is done, then the paperwork involved every time a safe is opened and closed.

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