Monday, October 15, 2012

DCS Saves The Day - (Germany) Day 293

This morning we did not have PT, instead we all formed up in ACUs at 0630. Most of the folks had to head up to Landstuhl to practice for the change of command ceremony that is going on tomorrow. It turns out that I had to stay back with our CAM because DCS (Defense Courier Service) - which is kind of like a secure mailman for ComSec - was dropping off a package for us today. With everyone else either in class or on leave, I was the only one left that has the authority to pick up from them…so they saved me from standing around all day outside practicing how to stand and listen to boring speeches.

Since I wasn't sure when I was supposed to be at the office, I had arranged for my wife to take the car and for me to get picked up by our CAM and head into the office. It turns out I didn't have to be in until normal time (0900). So I was able to leisurely get ready for work. When I arrived at the office it was just me and our CAM there…a little strange because it was very quiet. I checked my email and surfed the web. There was nothing else to do and I actually stayed in the office through lunch since it was just me in there.

On a random side note: I was able to start transferring some of my older blogs to this blog (blogger). I've been doing a day here and there when I have the time. I'd just like to have everything in one place. In doing this, I realized how many more photos I used to use each day. I'd like to get back to taking random pictures each day. It's a little harder because we can't take any electrical equipment in the office. I also have a limit to how many photos I can use on this blog, so I may have to link to them from another site…we'll see.

Finally everyone came back around 1400 from the ceremony practice. I heard from the guys that it just plain sucked. They had to practice standing around in the cold and rain and listen to boring speeches, I'll take hanging out in the office any day over that! Speaking of the office...our office has been an icebox for the last couple of weeks. SPC JayZ was able to get a coat hanger from the dry cleaners across the street and then while balancing on a chair and using the modified coat hanger, close each of the air vents. These vents were all blasting in arctic air which had everyone freezing. My fingers had actually started to go numb. This helped somewhat, then one of our customers who came in during the event offered to give us a couple extra space heaters that he had in his office. I jumped at the chance and followed him to his office and brought them back. Once they were hooked up, it was actually bearable in our office.

That customer who came in needed some keys issued to him, so I was able to facilitate that paperwork while our CAM loaded the keys on his device. I then worked the rest of the day with SPC JayZ in getting a lot of our customer's paperwork straightened up. Since we have a new commander coming in, he'll have to sign some paperwork for each of our customers. This creates a lot of new paperwork needed for each account.

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  1. About the side note above...Flickr now allows much more storage than when I first created this blog. I was hosting photos from within blogger, flickr, photobucket, and picasa. I was still dealing with running out of space. Now that flickr offers a terabyte of space, I've since consolidated all my photos to flickr. It's nice to have everything in one place.