Monday, October 29, 2012

Full House - (Germany) Day 307

We are getting into the Halloween spirit with our
big scary spider on the front of our door.

This morning for PT it was freakin' cold, and thankfully we were allowed to keep on all our full winter PTs. I had to spend an extra 5 minutes scraping all the ice from the windows before heading off to the formation. Anyways the normal folks I assume did a light workout, while those of us on profile headed to the gym to do our workout. I can't say for sure what they did, but I know they were all gone by the time I was finished with my cardio workout.

Today we had almost everyone back from classes and leave, only my boss is still out on leave. This of course meant a lot of people are back in the office. I immediately headed to the maintenance side of the office and hopped on the only remaining computer for the morning. I was able to do all my required schoolwork before lunch, so I felt like I got something actually accomplished!

Instead of the norm, I headed home for lunch. We had some packages to mail and with the post closing, there has been a lot of rearranging and consolidation. The post offices are the latest to consolidate, and now instead of offices available on each of the posts, we only have one on PHV. It used to be pretty easy to mail out a package, but now lunch time is pretty much the only time that it can be done…the place closes for outgoing mail by the time I get off work and get home on a normal day. So I head into the new and improved post office with my two packages in hand only to find a line almost to the door and only one service window out of 4 opened…government efficiency at it's finest. I quickly turned around and just headed to my house to eat lunch. I swung by there on the way out and luckily there was no line and they actually had 2 windows open…the packages have been sent!

When I arrived back at the office more of the folks from the maintenance side of the office were in, so no open computers. No worries, I slowly read the latest issue of "Army Times" someone had left over there. I say slowly because I had to do something to try and keep me busy until we left for the day. Needless to say the newspaper wasn't enough to do so. I stared at the wall, wandered around in circles, went pee, made small talk with SPC Mac…I'm going to go insane. At one point a little after 1530 we were told to clean up, so we all cleaned up and waited to be released. We waited…and waited…and sat there looking at each other until 1700 before we were finally released. All I can do is hope wherever I get sent after Heidelberg is better than it is now.

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