Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SRP - (Germany) Day 302

A photo of SRP (Soldier Readiness Processing) at Campbell Barracks
Each station had a number of chairs to sit and wait for your turn
It's still pretty early, so there were not a lot of people there yet.

This morning we did not have PT, instead we had to be at the office at 0730 for SRP. Our CAM ended up giving me a ride in because of the early time, this way my wife would be able to use the car and drive to work at her normal time. We arrived and then then ended up going over to a large ball room on post for SRP. I had to look the acronym up, the army loves it's acronyms and throw them around as if everyone knows them all. SRP stands for "Soldier Readiness Processing". This is usually for units that are getting ready to deploy to make sure everyone is up to date on all their personnel paperwork as well as their medical. We are a strategic unit and do not deploy, so why we are doing this is unknown. I guess they just wanted to try and get everyone up to date on everything all at once.

So I sat down at the first station which is our S-1 shop…I waited there about an hour before it was my turn. After showing our dog tags and ID card, we made sure our life insurance and beneficiaries were up to date. From there I moved to dental, medical, ACAP, ACS, and then finance. I'm up to date on everything, so I turned in my paperwork and went back to the office. I guess this is mainly for those who let things slide. They had stations setup to do eye testing, give immunizations and so on, so they can get it all done in one place.

The rest of the morning was spent surfing the web until lunch. I ate lunch over in the food court since I didn't have my car, then headed back to the office. The one good thing about having people on leave and in classes, is that there are computers available for everyone. I surfed the web, did a SkillPort, and chatted with our CAM. There are a lot of rumors going around about where we will be heading once Heidelberg closes. The most common ones are we will head to Wiesbaden or Landstuhl. It changes almost daily, so it's really not worth stressing about right now, although it would be nice to know something for sure in order to make plans.

I'll have to bring my textbook to the office tomorrow, my class officially starts…now I can use some of this spare time to study. Maybe I'll feel like I'm getting something done. We did actually have some ComSec material come in, so we had to inventory it and add it to the safe, but that was about it for the day.

They had me drive a TMP back to PHV, but the sergeant who was supposed to get the key from me for the morning never showed up. I tried to contact him, but he never responded. I guess I'll find out tomorrow what they needed it here for.

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