Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Destroy! - (Germany) Day 280

This morning for PT I'm not sure what exactly the group did, it was muscle failure day and I headed to the gym and worked out on my arms and core. The good news was that everyone showed up in the correct uniform finally.

Work started at 0900 as usual and I headed in and sat in a chair, then drank coffee for a while. With only two computers, they were both taken when I arrived at work. I am always the first one to actually arrive at work because I have to drop my wife off at her workplace by 0830. I then pull into the parking lot each morning and take a quick nap in my car. There is no reason for me to go into the office any earlier than needed, and the nap is always much needed. Anyway…I sipped my coffee and chatted with my fellow co-workers for a while until one of my customers came in with their destruction paperwork. I had to look over the paperwork to make sure it was all correct, then sign it myself. I then take all the signed forms back to our CAM who will then confirm that the appropriate keys were destroyed in the system. I then update the customer's folder and file it all away.

I was able to jump on a computer a bit before lunch and received a message telling me that more paperwork was needed for my DTS payment. This is the payment for my trip for the last class (Intel-35). I found that I committed one of the most grievous errors in the army, I turned in my only copy of a certain form to the class when I attended. You never ever give anyone your last copy of anything, always keep a copy for yourself. So I will now have to generate another form and wait for the commander to sign it before I can upload it to DTS and get paid. Not like the process is fast by any means, I still haven't been paid yet for the Intel-34 class I took earlier. I also had to print out my weekend checklist…this weekend is the same as the rest "I'll be spending time with my lovely wife within 150 mile radius of the Heidelberg area". I also had to print out my POV inspection checklist and have an NCO check my car because we are coming up on a 4-day weekend. Both of these things actually bother me, but today I just went through the motions and turned everything in.

I took lunch in my car and as usual, read my book, ate my lunch and listened to music…then of course took a nap. When I headed back into work it was time to start destroying things. By things I mean the old paper based ComSec material that has expired. We have piles of paperwork that have to be shredded and even a few things that a sledgehammer has to be used with. The shredder filled up and while trying to empty it, little tiny bits of paper started to spill out on the floor instead of the trash bag. This is a top secret shredder we use, so the bits of paper are very tiny and a pain to clean up. After sweeping up the larger piles, it took a while with the vacuum to get it all cleaned up.

I also received my monthly counseling. It's my first one in a while because I've been gone, but the platoon sergeant is really pushing all the NCOs to get everyone done each month. Each counseling statement has to show strengths and weaknesses. Mine was good, my boss says I'm a good and smart worker. My strengths this month have been passing the Intel 35 class (I'm the first E-4 in the office to attend and pass both Intel 34 & 35...not due to anything awesome on my part, but a change in the attitude of leadership in sending lower enlisted to these classes). My weakness that he put was that I don't ask for stuff to do. LOL…I'm fine with that one, I will not ever be that guy in the army…a normal job yes, the army…hell no.

We then had a little impromptu awards ceremony in the office. Two people were given good conduct awards (stay out of trouble for three consecutive years) and I was given an AAM (Army Achievement Medal). I received this for doing my part during the last audit and helping us pass. It was really a team effort, and everyone else who was here during the audit received one as well…mine just took a while to process I guess. No worries…I'll stick it in the drawer with the other one.

After that we inventoried the safe and then headed out about 1630 for the day. I've taken a couple days off from schoolwork which has been nice. Just spending the evening with my wife chatting and watching shows has been nice. Tomorrow I'll get back and finish up my last week of schoolwork for this class.

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