Thursday, October 25, 2012

A New Class - (Germany) Day 303

On a walk home on PHV I saw this very tiny car pulling out in
front of the

This morning for PT everyone who was not on profile headed to Landstuhl at 0500 for a combination PT and sergeant's time training of combatives. I am glad that I'm currently on profile, I just showed up as normal at 0630 for PT and headed to the gym after accountability. Don't get me wrong, I thought combatives were fun earlier before I was injured, but why we had to form up so early and head to Landstuhl is beyond me. Anyways with my neck the way it is, I wouldn't have been able to do any of it, and if I did try I would have been in some major pain.

So it was just me and our CAM in the office today for the morning anyways. I did some major web surfing, or as I say "doing some MOS research" (reading technology articles). Our platoon sergeant came by at one point right before lunch and asked when I was going to get off temporary profile and get a permanent profile. He said as soon as I get a permanent profile he can send me to WLC (Warrior Leader Course). I think he has some sort of quota or something to fill. I talked to our CAM about it a little later. I let her know I have no desire to attend WLC. It's basically a month long course that is a little like basic training where they prepare you to become an NCO. I let our CAM know that all I see it as is a month away from my wife. I figure I've already been away from her a year in Korea, 6 months in AIT, and 9 weeks in basic. I've been away enough. WLC should be for people that want to advance their career and become an NCO, not a quota that has to be filled. That had me pretty pissed off for a bit. I'm definitely in no hurry to make my temporary profile a permanent one now. I know that if I fail a required PT test before WLC, that I will not be allowed to go…but I don't know if I can purposely fail a PT test. I guess I'll deal with it when the time comes.

I headed to my car as usual for lunch…music, food, book, and nap. When I headed back into the office everyone was back from training in Landstuhl, so of course the computers were all taken. I headed to the maintenance side of the office and was able to find a lone computer not being used. I logged on and was able to start doing schoolwork for my new class. I felt like I got something done, the first chapter down. The class is on business management and looks like it may be pretty good. It will be nice to make use of my time while at work. If I can get all my schoolwork done while I'm there, I won't have to worry about doing it when I get back home during the night.

Another benefit to working on the maintenance side of the office…I don't have to answer the phone, get called back to do random crap, or open the door when someone buzzes. I may end up over here more often…I can get a lot more done with no interruptions!

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