Friday, October 12, 2012

Recovery - (Germany) Day 290

This morning I finished up my staff duty shift, I left off yesterday while still doing the shift. The shift ended at 0900. I spent the morning trying to read my book which became increasingly difficult with each passing hour. I found myself reading a paragraph over and over until I finally gave up. I was getting too tired to concentrate. I sat in my staff duty chair listening to music, then decided to try and play some games on my iPhone. That passed the time for a while, but the longer I played the more uncoordinated I became. About 0530 I played janitor for our S-1 & S-3 offices where staff duty is located. This is one of the things that always piss me off when I have staff duty. I have to clean up after these people who just get up and leave when their shift is over. Our office and every other office I know of cleans up after themselves, but because we are here on staff duty, we have to clean up after them. So I got up and vacuumed, then emptied all the trash cans including the three bathrooms. It's not a hard job, but I think it's just stupid that they don't clean up after themselves like everyone else.

Anyways after I finished, I just basically listened to music for a while. I was too tired to do much of anything else. I felt like an uncoordinated drunk by this point. Even my thinking process was slow. Finally the folks started coming in for their normal shifts in both the S-1 and S-3 offices and I was told I could head home. I called my wife to come pick me up, so I could give her a ride back to work and then drive myself home. It's kind of ironic that the army requires a soldier to submit a form if we driving anywhere over the weekend on pass. This form is done on a website and evaluates the dangers of our trip, it's required that we take rest breaks after every few hours of driving and it's also required that we get a good night's sleep the night before our drive…If we don't promise to do these things we could actually have our pass denied. The army doesn't give a crap that I'll be driving home after being awake for a 25.5 hour shift. I actually feel drunk and almost took a wrong turn, then almost ran a stop sign. Luckily I made it home safely.

When I got home I pretty much headed straight to the bed and passed out completely. I slept until 1500, when I got up and readied myself to pick up my wife at 1600. Staff duty really messes up your schedule. Yes I'm happy that I have today off from work, even though I slept for most of the duty day, at least I wasn't in the office. I also got a call from SPC Mac later on letting me know the uniform for Monday. We will not be having PT, instead we'll be forming up in our ACUs, then heading out to Landstuhl for a change of command ceremony practice. Our company commander is changing and the ceremony will be on Tuesday. I guess he has such an ego that he is requiring 100% participation. We have soldiers with appointments that have to cancel them. We also have 3 that will be going to the Intel-34 course in Vilseck for two weeks and they were going to cancel that for a while, until the command finally changed their minds. All this so we can stand in a field and listen to a bunch of boring speeches. I'm not looking forward to that.

My wife and I headed to the theatre on post and watched "Taken 2". The movie was action packed and a lot of fun to watch. A good way to end the night…date night with my wife.

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