Monday, October 22, 2012

Bitch Session - (Germany) Day 300

The front of Campbell Barracks. Before the U.S. took over the post, it was
controlled by the Nazis. There are two Nazi Eagles a the front gate (one is pictured
here on the right). I've read that under the emblem you see now there is still a swastika!

This morning for PT we formed up in civilian clothes. The normal folks did a run off post, while those of us on profile headed to the gym. I rode the stationary bike to get my cardio in and had a pretty good workout.

I headed to work for the normal 0900 work call. There are only three of us on our side of the office because of class, details, and such. I did the usual, checked my email and surfed the web a bit. The E4s and below in the battalion then had to attend a "sensing session" which is also known as a bitch session. This is where they gather everyone together in a room and take notes on everyone's complaints.

They take general complaints, then ask certain questions and get responses. They are not all bad, but most of it is actually a bitch session. I don't say much because it seems that nothing ever changes. They are supposed to report the findings to the command, but everything stays the same…over and over. So I sat there with my coffee and just listened. They asked about our current supervisors, our training, our chaplain and more. I did speak up on one point when it came to leaves and passes. We are required to submit so much paperwork for a leave or pass and then have to wait way too long to get a response. We always see commercials and hear that we need to go out and see Europe while we're here, but it's tough to purchase anything before we find out if our leave or pass has been approved. I've seen people wait and watch prices climb higher and higher as each week goes by while they are waiting for their pass. Or as in my case, buy the tickets anyway in hopes that the pass will be approved only to find out that I had to attend a class at the last minute.

After the bitch session it was time for lunch, so I headed off to the car as usual and read my book, listened to music and took a nap. I'm still on book three of "The Game of Thrones" series. It's so good, I want to read it all…but I also don't want it to end, so I take my time.

After lunch I headed into the office and did a SkillPort so I can add more hours to my CompTia continuing education credits. I then surfed the web for a bit until SPC JayZ left for the day. He has QRF detail (guarding a gate) and had to leave for that. This left just me and our CAM on our side of the office. The time flew by pretty fast because I quickly became her secretary for the rest of the day. I was scheduling and rescheduling appointments with our customers, modifying word documents, scanning documents and emailing them to customers. Before I knew it, it was already 1630 and time to start cleaning up and doing the paperwork for each safe. Once that was done I was cleared to leave. I don't mind being busy, it makes the day go by fast and I feel like I got something accomplished.

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