Friday, October 19, 2012

The Follow-Up - (Germany) Day 297

This morning for PT we went in civilian clothes and everyone headed to the gym to workout. I used weights and had a great core and arm workout. I then headed to work at the normal time, but I only stayed for about a half hour before leaving for a follow-up appointment with my physical therapist. After discussing everything with my doctor we decided to move it to the next level. I will now have to schedule an MRI that will be done at the Landstuhl hospital. I will also schedule an appointment with the neurologist. I'm hoping they can pinpoint exactly what is causing all my headaches and make them stop. It would be nice to make it through a day without having a headache. He also extended my profile. Their system was down, so he just printed out a form stating that my current profile is to be extended.

I headed back to the office for about another half hour before it was time for lunch. I headed to my car and had lunch while listening to music and reading my book. When I came back in the office our CAM said I still need to get a flu shot. She got a call from our S-1, damn…I was hoping they would forget about that. So I headed back to the hospital only to find that the immunization clinic is closed on Fridays for training. Now I have to remember to go back next Monday.

When I got back to the office I did a Skillport. I've been trying to get one done here and there when I have the time. I have my points maxed out, but I've been using the completion certificates to add to my continuing education points for my CompTia certifications. Even though the certifications I have (A+, Network+, and Security+) are good for life, I decided to do the continuing education program in order to keep all my certificates up to date. Each hour I do with SkillPort is worth one point for the continuing education credits. I have to get 50 total points within three years to keep everything up to date. You can view ComTia's website here for all the details.

I then surfed the web a bit until we were told we could inventory and close the safes, then clean up. It was only me and SPC JayZ in the office today, so it was pretty easy going. We were let go at 1600 which was nice. I headed home and spent time with my wife before we took a walk to the movie theatre here on post to see "Here Comes the Boom". A comedy about a school teacher who decides to do MMA fights to make money and save the music program. It's a pretty funny show and we both had a good time out.

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