Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Taxi Man - (Germany) Day 287

This morning's PT was done as a whole battalion. I always hate when they change up the PT schedule. Because of this we had to meet up at the Campbell Barracks gym. I was sent a message from my boss to be at the gym at 0600 because the formation was supposed to happen at 0610. I arrived there with a few minutes to spare and then waited…and waited. I figured everyone was outside forming up in the normal spot, but since it was raining and I was just doing what I was told I just waited. At about 0615 everyone from our company came into the gym and then HHD came in about 5 minutes later. We then did a circuit training workout with one of the usual spinning class instructors as the leader. She did a great job…perhaps she was a drill sergeant in a past life. There were a number of workouts that I could do without breaking my profile, so I did what I could and did alternate workouts when I needed to. All in all it turned out to be a great workout, but like I mentioned earlier I don't care for any changes. This is mostly because everything takes so long. First we are over at Campbell Barracks doing PT, then we run late. So by the time we finish, I have to race back to my house and get ready as fast as possible because I have to leave in order to get my wife to work. This is usually never a problem when we workout on PHV, the post where we live…unless there are special events such as a battalion run or something. I always have to leave at 0815 in the morning, so this morning I only had about 20 minutes to eat, shower, and get ready to leave. A lot of this could be resolved if we had two cars, but we don't have the money to purchase another car…we're still paying on the one we have. On nice days I could ride my motorcycle…but getting my license to ride over here has been a battle…and another story.

At work this morning I checked email and surfed the web for a bit before being asked to give SPC JayZ a ride to the medical clinic. No problem, my boss said I could drive his car if I didn't want to use my own gas…no big deal, we took my car and while we were there I was able to make a follow up appointment for my issues. I then headed back to the office for a while until it was time to pick him up, which I did. By the time we got back it was lunch time and I headed over to see my wife for lunch. We ate lunch together and mailed out some packages for the kiddos at the post office before I headed back.

I then was asked if the new guy (I'm going to call him PV2 Sky because he's as tall as a freakin' skyscraper…he has to duck each time he goes through a doorway) could borrow my body armor. He had to pull QRF (Quick Reaction Force) duty for the next few days which is basically standing guard in full battle rattle at the gate watching the contracted guards check IDs. He's so tall they didn't have any XL body armor for him. Mine is only L, but it works until he can get something a little bigger. I headed to my house and grabbed my body armor, then took it over to his place.

So far my entire day has consisted of driving from place to place until about 1500. I then spent the rest of the day reading news online or the latest edition of the Army Times floating around the office. The day felt pretty unproductive. The good news is that I only have three more days of work until the weekend!

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