Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Day of Nothing - (Germany) Day 288

This morning's PT was sprints at the middle school track on PHV…for all the normal folks. Those of us on profile headed over to the gym as usual. I had a good cardio workout of my own on the stationary bike.

My wife dropped me off at work today and after checking my email I surfed the web a bit. There was pretty much nothing to do other than that. SPC JayZ needed the computer, so I moved to the other side of the office and read the newspaper and chatted with the guys on the maintenance side until lunch. Because I had no car, I headed to the food court to eat my lunch and read my book…unfortunately no napping in the food court..LOL. When I headed back to work I just headed to the maintenance side of the office and jumped on one of their computers, then surfed the web. That is all I did the entire day, and unfortunately it was a slow news day. I was bored out of my mind the entire day. Some people may think that would be a dream job, but it is far from it…time just drags on all day long. I know it could be worse, we could be doing something totally retarded.

We cleaned up and were released at 1630 for the day. I just finished the current class I was in, and I'm enrolled into another class that starts near the end of the month. Once that happens I plan to bring my text book into work and use the down time to study. At least then I'll feel like I'm getting something accomplished.

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