Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Days 40 & 41

Saturday: We slept in as usual, it's nice to be able to sleep past 0530 a couple days a week. This weekend is going to be a little special as well because of the Superbowl. In Korea we got the entire day off of the Superbowl because it actually played on Monday from the time difference. Here in Germany we get to start work late on Monday at noon and only work a half day. This is because the game starts at midnight on Sunday.

The day didn't contain too much excitement. We hung out in the house and finished watching the rest of Sons of Anarchy. We are now caught up and have to wait until the next season to start…sometimes it sucks watching things in real time and having to wait.

We headed over to The Strong Hold gym and worked out. The walk to it was so cold, my face is freezing, my lungs hurt from breathing in the ice cold air and my nose is running like a faucet. It will be so nice when we finally get our car and we can drive over to the gym when the weather is so bad.

After the workout we didn't do a whole lot until 0800 when we met up with a few of my co-workers and their wives at the bowling alley for Cosmic Bowling once again. It was fun times for all and I finally managed to bowl a couple games over 200.

Sunday: Ahhh…sleeping in once again…so nice. We had a nice breakfast together and then hung out for a while before deciding to make the trip to the gym again in the cold. When we got back I looked up online to see the progress of our car arriving. The website states that it actually made it to the port in northern Germany, so I'm hoping that means it will be here soon. The latest it says it will be here is February 13th, but I'm hoping it will be here sooner.

We then made a trip to the commissary and spent the rest of the night hanging out watching TV shows, calling friends and family and video chatting with the kids. We don't have our TV yet and even though SPC Whirlwind invited us over to watch the Superbowl, we chose to just stay home. I normally would love to watch it, but I didn't feel like making another walking trip out in the cold and then back. There are no "Superbowl Commercials" shown either, only AFN public service announcements and such…so half the fun of watching the Superbowl is gone. I will enjoy sleeping in a bit tomorrow and taking a day off of PT. I don't mind doing PT, but when we have to form up outside in the freezing cold it kind of makes for a crappy workout.

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