Thursday, February 2, 2012

Household Goods Coming Soon - (Germany) Day 38

This morning's PT was the usual Thursday morning ruck march around PHV. It was extremely cold and you could tell nobody wanted to get in formation because everyone stayed in their car until the last minute with their heaters on. We ended up doing the ruck pretty quickly, I think in part because everyone wanted to just get it over with and get back home. I personally think the ruck march is a waste of time. We seem to only have one day of strength training, the rest seem to be cardio or the ruck march. Not sure what my next PT score is going to look like.

The work day started in the barracks day room which seems to also be our company's training room. This morning's training was done by 4 different sergeants going over various items. My boss started it off with a PowerPoint presentation done from his personal laptop and his personal TV that he brought so everyone could see it. I guess training supplies are hard to come by in our unit. The brief was over situational awareness and others were about the warrior ethos and two on cultural awareness. Normally the training is very dull and has nothing to do with my normal job, but today each of the briefers did a good job of getting everyone involved and it made it more enjoyable. The training went on until lunch time, my boss and I took off to the shopping center and had lunch. We then went to MCSS so I could pick up the unit awards needed for my uniform. I went to check on the status of my household goods, but the transportation office was unfortunately closed for lunch.

Back at the office we still had some lunch time left, so we played a few games of ping pong. I'm going to have to get much better to be competitive, but since "The Ginger" wasn't here this time, I did manage to score in double digits at least in both my losses.

I then helped out here and there in the office trying to pick things up when I can. We have an audit coming up next week so everyone was very busy trying to get everything prepared for that. I logged onto a computer at one point and surprisingly I had an email in my AKO stating that our household goods had arrived! I gave them a call and setup the delivery day for next Wednesday. I have to be at home, so I will not have to go to work at all on that day! It will be so nice to have all our stuff, it's nice to have the loaner furniture…but we only have the bare essentials of everything. We watch all our shows sitting on an uncomfortable couch looking at my 13" laptop screen…LOL.

We left work and I hung out with my wife as usual. We did have a guy deliver an air conditioning unit that we found and bought on It's like Craigslist and it's all everyone over here in Germany use. Our local site is the Heidelberg Bookoo. There was a couple that are going to PCS soon and were selling it. All we keep hearing is how hot and uncomfortable it gets here in the summer. The housing does not have any central air and no ceiling fans, so we thought we would get one now while the prices are decent. I hear that in the summer time the prices skyrocket out of control.

Overheard Quote: "The best unit is always the one you just came from or the one you're going to" a sergeant during a training session talking about trying to make the best of the your current situation.

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