Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day - (Germany) Day 50

PT this morning was nice, we formed up and did accountability then we we turned loose to work out on our on in the gym. It was nice driving myself there and back, it's just so much more convenient.

Work was pretty much the same as usual. I was able to use a computer for a while because so many people were gone. I logged on and did some more online training (Headstart German). I shoveled some snow off of the sidewalk outside. For lunch I hung out in my car and listened to the radio, ate my sack lunch and took a nap. After lunch, I watched SPC Whirlwind give a brief to one of our customers. This is something that I will have to be doing soon. I took in all my gear because it was supposed to be inspected before we go on the exercise, but nobody got around to it. I'll just keep it in my car until they get around to it.

I headed home after work and got ready to go out for our valentines dinner. My wife's cousin and her husband searched the internet and found a promising place to eat. We headed out in their car which was a pretty interesting experience because everything is backwards. When I say backwards I mean the steering wheel is on the right side (they drove down from England). So riding as a passenger on the left side was very odd. The restaurant we tried in downtown Heidelberg was nice and very filling.

On the way back into PHV we were chosen for a car inspection. The guard asked me for 3 forms of ID and then started the inspection. Half way through the inspection he realized I was not the driver because the steering wheel was on the wrong side…LOL. The rest of the night was just hanging out at home.

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