Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Household Goods Arrival - (Germany) Day 44

The conveyor belt hooked up to our 3rd story window for fast easy delivery of all our stuff

This morning I had to wake up at 0615 to call my platoon sergeant and check in. I didn't have to go to PT, but I did have to wake up to make the call. I have the entire day off because my household goods are scheduled to arrive. I ended up just staying up and brewing some coffee, then started passing the time wondering when the movers where going to arrive. They told us they would be here between 0800 and 1700…nice. We also scheduled the pickup of our loaner furniture as well today and they said they would be here between 0800 and 1200.

At about 0830 both our household goods arrived and the guys came to pick up our loaner furniture. It couldn't have worked out better because while the household goods movers were setting up, the other guys came up and removed our loaner furniture. The household goods movers had a type of conveyor belt they were able to connect to our 3rd story window. They were then able to load everything on the lift and send it straight to the window…no stair climbing involved. In fact they had it all hooked up in time for the guys taking out our loaner furniture to send the last item (our couch) down.

The movers then started in earnest sending up three or four boxes at a time. As they would arrive a guy at the top would unload them through the window and then ask where which room we wanted everything in. My wife and I helped just because it felt strange just standing there giving orders on where to go. Once everything was up, they unloaded my motorcycle and then took off. We spent the rest of the day unpacking. It's crazy how much stuff we have! Once we get everything out of the boxes, we have to give them a call and they will come pick up all the boxes and shipping paper.

The day was long and I'm pretty worn out. I would say we were able to unpack about 85% of everything. I have to go to the range tomorrow, so I have to prepare a little getting all my gear ready. I'm sure after I get back home from work tomorrow, it will be more unpacking and trying to organize. It's so nice to have our own stuff finally. This place is going to seem more like home now.

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