Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day of Nothing - (Germany) Day 58

For this morning's PT we headed to the gym after accountability and worked out as a group. We did the PRT which nobody really cares for and the only thing it did was get our blood circulating a little…not a real good workout.

My wife dropped me off at work and then headed to her new job. I did absolutely nothing all day long, the highlight of my day wasn't even inventorying the only highlights were when I got up out of my chair to go pee! Unfortunately the German Headstart training was down once again. The timing of it being down just sucks, I could have gotten a lot done this week. Instead I just read the news and made a list of all the places I want to be able to go while stationed here. I surfed the web looking for the top tourist areas as well as anything else I could find. I made a list and plan on adding more to it as I hear about different places. I may not care for my job too much, but I do plan on having fun while I'm here! I also spent a little time on my Flickr account cleaning it up a bit. I put each evet in a set so the pictures will be in groups of each event that I do. I'll continue to do so as we go see more and more places.

I've also stopped over-indulging with food. I've gotten a little carried away lately and we have a 100% battalion weigh in coming up next month. I'm currently at the very top of my weight limit for my height and age which is 205. I figure if I eat normal and stay away from the sweets and ice cream until the weigh in I'll be fine. This is the beginning of the push to get rid of soldiers from the army. I will also have a PT test next month and I don't think I'll do too well on it. Since leaving Korea, I haven't been able to get in a good workout routine. I plan on passing, but it will not be anything spectacular. I have the field exercise next week and we will not be doing PT, so that will not help.

My wife picked me up from work and we headed home. After eating dinner and watching a show, I had to setup my IBA (Body Armor) up to the standard that was given to us for the exercise. The IBA has little straps on it that you can attach various items. We have to attach some ammo pouches, grenade pouches, and the first aid pouch in a particular order. Once that was done I threw everything in my duffel bag to take into work tomorrow…we have yet another inspection of our equipment before the field. I will then bring it home and unpack taking out any unnecessary items and repack so everything is nice and orderly.

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