Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DPW vs The Dishwasher - (Germany) Day 51

This morning's PT was all about the abs. We did muscle failure on the abs in the gym and I can tell my stomach is going to be sore tomorrow.

I had an appointment for DPW to come in between 0800 - 1200 today to fix our dishwasher. It was nice because I was able to hang out with my wife and her cousins for the better part of the morning. DPW didn't come until 1130, so I ended up just staying home for my lunch as well. A pretty laid back morning.

I headed to the office after lunch and it was a typical day for me. I just read the Army Times that I purchased. Near the end of the day the NCOIC gave me an SOP book that basically goes over everything we do in the shop. I started reading that and even though I will not be able to remember it all, I'm glad we do have a resource to go to if there are questions.

I filled out my required weekend checklist that lets everyone know what I'll be doing and who I'll be with. I gave a detailed account letting them know I'll be doing some sight seeing and immersing myself in the German culture. I'm starting to think I'll have a little fun with this list each week instead of being pissed off at it like everyone else. I will throw in just a little sarcasm or humor, but not enough to raise any eyebrows.

I left for the day and headed home to visit with my wife and our guests some more. We ate dinner, then the women made lumpia. I learned how to wrap them and we all joined in and wrapped all of them up. Looking forward to eating them at a later date!

On a side note…I'm really finding it difficult to write about my daily routine since I've moved here to Germany. My job is nothing like I thought it would be and after my initial in-processing my days are finished, my daily routine is pretty boring. Also having our guests here leaves me a lot less time to write each night. I guess we'll see where this goes. Maybe I'll change to a weekly update…maybe I'll write more about the people I work with and come across…or maybe I'll just focus on the places I go and see (which will be more now that we have a car). I guess we'll see if anything changes anytime soon. I have to go to the field in a week and a half, so I'll probably write that down and then post it all when I come back after the week long exercise. We'll see if anything changes after that.


  1. If it's any encouragement I still look forward to reading this daily.

  2. For the moment I'll keep writing each day, sometimes it just seems like there is nothing to write about because my days are so boring. Hopefully things will pick up and I'll have some things to write about.