Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dramatic Loss - (Germany) Day 43

We formed up for PT in the freezing weather and then headed into the gym after accountability. We stretched as a group and then were turned loose to work out on our own. That was a nice change of pace. I get such a better work out when we do that, unless of course it's a run.

When we arrived for work this morning a maintenance guy rang our door buzzer and after I let him in he informed everyone that because of the extremely cold weather we've been having that the sprinkler system pipes have frozen. "So if there is a fire, please run out of the building". Good to know…as if I would hang out under the sprinklers if a fire did happen to start.

Today we had an SAV (Site Assisted Visit) which is basically a security audit. A civilian who is in charge came and spent the day in "The Vault". He may be here more this week as well. There was little going on other than that. We had SPC Matrix out sick and my boss is on vacation. I spent most of the day next to another co-worker sharing his small space heater. Others in the office tried to use cardboard and duct tape to close up the vents that are constantly pumping in cold air to our offices. By the afternoon a light snowfall started to come down outside. It's so cold it's not even funny!

The only thing I did today work related was inventory a safe with a co-worker before locking it up for the day. I did find out some disturbing news as well about the promotion point system. They made a change to the Military Education portion of the point system. I had used SkillPorts to max mine out at 260 points, and haven't looked at my promotion points since leaving Korea. Now the army has changed the max that can be received by SkillPorts to 78 points. So I lost 182 points just like that! The army has broken the Military Education section into 3 categories.

Category 1: A person must go to WLC (Warrior Leader Course) to get 80 points with extra points available if they graduate as a member of the Commandant's List, which will give them 92 total points. The soldier who gets Distinguished Honor Graduate can get 104 points.

Category 2: Resident Military Training. The definition I've seen is: This includes all resident military training courses listed in ATTRS; DA Form 87 limited to Soldier Training Courses in AR 350-1; and all tab-producing courses. Maximum points in this category is 78. (I haven't checked into this too much yet).

Category 3: Computer Based Training. This is the category mentioned above where the SkillPorts come in and the maximum is now 78.

I'm not too worried about it, just a little disappointed. I put in a lot of hours while in Korea working to finish all those SkillPorts just to have them change the rules. That is the name of the game in the army though. Especially these days and in the future where the army will be shrinking in size and in budget. It's going to be harder to get promoted and I wouldn't be surprised if they change the promotion point system again.

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